AVG Boot-up Scanner

Microsoft Windows 98

Can anyone tell me why the AVG Boot-up scanner shuts down my machine before
Windows finishes loading? The AVG Boot-up scanner is an MS-DOS program which
runs from the AUTOEXEC.BAT file. The boot-up scanner seems to run fine. But
after it's finished running, instead of continuing to load Windows, it shuts
down the machine. The next time I restart my machine, I get the message that
Windows did not finish loading on the last start-up and I have the option of
running in Safe Mode. I never choose Safe Mode, however. I always choose
Normal, and the AVG Boot-up scanner runs again, but this time, Windows loads
and my machine does not shut down before it is finished loading. This is
very strange behavior and the only way to solve the problem is to disable the
boot-up scanner (which is what I've done for now). Does anyone else use AVG
and the boot-up scanner with Windows 98 SE? Any suggestions? Thanks in
Have you run the step-by-step bootup option to confirm that is the AVG
program and not the next program in the sequence that is causing the shut
Anyway, having AVG not check the boot sector for viruses is not a major
risk, unless you boot with an unknown disk.