Help: MsPaint Problem: Converting Bmps to Jpegs

Microsoft Windows 98

I'm supposed to e-mail someone a couple of sketches I made in MsPaint.

The system that I have connected to the internet has Windows ME
installed, which would not allow me to work on the sketches a little
at a time and save them inbetween, because once saved, no additional
changes can be made. In fact MsPaint in Windows ME is all but useless,
because just about all of it's functions have been eliminated.

Anyway, I installed Windows 98(SE) on a different system in hopes of
doing the work on that one, and then after copying to a floppy, I
would transfer it to my internet(Win ME) connected system.

Unfortunately, even though I can now save and make changes to the
sketches in Ms.Paint on the Windows 98(SE) machine, it will not allow
me to use the "Save As" function to convert the images to jpegs(like I
used to do on my original Windows 98 system before it went down). I
only get bitmap options.

I really need to get this done, and any help would be appreciated.

Thanks a lot.

Darren Harris
Staten Island, New York.
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