Holy Shit...... Modem speed thru the roof

Microsoft Windows 98

My modem got killed by lightning (again).
Seems I lose 2 or 3 each year. This is the price one pays for living
in the country. Anyhow, I got a used US Robotics V-Everything this
time. I am getting 57,600bps. on dialup, using Win98se. I have never
gotten more tham 46K with any other modem. Is this just a better
modem, or what?

to keyboard and composed:

DUN is reporting the DTE speed instead of the DCE speed. The former is
the speed of the COM port, the latter is the modem-to-modem speed.

You have two problems. The first is that your port speed should be set
to 115200bps to take advantage of data compression. The second is that
your modem has been installed with the wrong INF file.

When your modem connects, it informs DUN with a response such as
CONNECT 46666. If this response is not in the INF file, then DUN is
unable to interpret it, in which case it reverts to reporting the port
rate, which in your case is 57600bps.

A low port rate restricts the throughput for compressible data. For
example, a typical compression ratio for text data is 2:1, so if
you're connecting at 46666bps, say, then your data rate wants to go as
high as 93000bps. However you would need to increase your port speed
to 115200bps, otherwise your COM port would limit you to only
57600bps. You also need to reinstall your modem with the correct INF
file, otherwise DUN will now report a connect speed of 115200bps.

You can see the *real* connect speed in your modemlog:

If you want to know how good your modem and phone line really are,
then ...

Information your modem can tell you about your connection (retrains,
error rates, speedshifts, etc):

Your USR modem is also able to plot the frequency response of your
phone line:

More modem stuff:

BTW, my first reply didn't go through. I suspect that Microsoft's
moderator bot discards any post containing the word "sh_i_t". This
means that anyone getting their news feed from Microsoft's news server
would not have seen your post.

- Franc Zabkar