Internet Explorer Not Opening

Microsoft Windows 98

I have Internet Explorer 6 and Windows 98SE. Since yesterday pages are not
opening. The problem is the browser because Firefox is working. What can be
the problem?

There likely could be several reasons, but you have a choice - you can
either try to debug it and figure out what happened since then, or probably
even simpler, just restore the previous registry (previous to when this
first happened), so as long as you don't mind stepping back that much in
time (and hopefully didn't install anything significant since then).
Gee, how does one do that?
My standard blurb:

If this problem is less than five days old, restore a copy of the registry
that predates the onset of the problem and see if that helps. The five-day
limit assumes that the computer is booted every day. If it is not booted
every day, you may have an old enough registry backup that you can use even
though more than five days have elapsed. Note that any registry changes
made after the date of the restored registry will be lost.

Ways of restoring the W98 registry include:

On the Start Menu, select Shut Down and Restart in MSDOS Mode. At the
Windows prompt, type: scanreg /restore and hit enter.

Boot to the boot menu by holding down either the ctrl or F8 key after the
ram count occurs on the boot screen. Select Command Prompt Only and at the
C: prompt, type: scanreg /restore and hit enter.

Boot with the W98 start up floppy disk--CDRom support doesn't matter. At
the A: prompt, type: C: and hit enter. At the C: prompt, type: CD
Windows\Command and hit enter. At the Command prompt, type: scanreg
/restore and hit enter.

Once the registry restore screen appears, select the date of the registry
that you wish to restore by highlighting it and then click enter. If you
see a registry named:, that is a copy of the registry that has
already been replaced.
O.K. I restored an older registry and it worked. Now I found what caused my
problem, I had the Fresh Download program and now I downloaded their latest
version and this caused my problem so I removed it and now everything is ok.
Great--thanks for the feedback.
That's *exactly* what Scanreg /Restore is for.
Hokey smokes, Bullwinkle!

All these years and I had NO IDEA that was there! I'd thought the poster
was thinking of an OS that came *after* Win98 (as often happens). I am

Thanks, Ron. :)
That is one of the best features of W98 if used properly. Many problems can
be traced to crappy software and if you can just roll back the registry a
day or two (before the software installation), many times the problem can be
And always remember... You can set SCANREG to keep more than the default
five backups by editing SCANREG.INI.
Yeah, but it's a bit of a pain, since only 5 showup. It's easier just
to save copies after you've made some changes. If you look in mine,
you'll often find "copy of rb002 (before adding such and such, or just
after adding such and such). I need the "documentation" (that's also
why I was so insistent on finding a way to copy directories to another
hard drive, and RETAIN all the *directory* and file dates)

Not if you use cabrest which can see/restore any one of 15 backed up reg files.
Is this what you're talking about?
Yup, only I gathered the one I ??have??/had from:

Happened to still have the sites link though in one of them thar machines that went
When I was doing a lot of experimenting and apps evaluation on Win98, I used
Bill's method (and RegSnap, etc.) Didn't find out about cabrest until after
that binge, so I didn't bother to really implement it.
[|;o} Back when the cyber store was full of candy and virus didn't travel at the
speed of light.
I looked at it a bit. But after reading some more about it and its
approach, think I'll stick with the basics (my more direct approach)
like I'm doing now (which includes the use of MY own copies of selected files).

times the
I am
And I do this quite often. (as a result of some things I try out
In fact, I created a bat file called "restore" to help expedite things.

But DO keep in mind what Ron said below: IF (and only if) used
properly - and diligently. (IOW, it's not a completely foolproof

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registry a
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