Slow in opening MS Words, sometime Active desktop recovery appears

Microsoft Windows 98

Hi All,
Recently whenever I tried to open any documents in Ms Word, it will
temporary hangs for between a few second to a minute before opening. Active
desktop recovery alway appear when you pressed Ctlr+Alt+Del key or without
pressing it. Sometime it will takes several minutes just to open a documents
but it will eventually open. Have done virus scan + adware scan but problems
still remains.

Please advice,

Thank you.
If you turn off Active Desktop, does Word open normally?

How to Enable or Disable the Active Desktop

If it does, then I'd suggest that you try to repair Internet Explorer.

Description of the Internet Explorer Repair Tool

If this does not help, then this might.

Word is slow to start, print, or load documents

If not, I suggest that you try posting your question on a group that
supports MS Word.

I've been experiencing the same problem. Another time it "goes into limbo
land" for awhile (not always) is when I press 'Start'. I'm running IE6, not
5. I believe I have the latest fixes. Could be coincidence, but noticed the
problem after went wireless. DLink tells me there is no association to the