modem, rundll problem

Microsoft Windows 98

System: Pentium II, Windows 98, Blaster v92 modem

Recently removed Trojan malware using PCCillin. Now Dialer dialog box pops
up when booting and periodically while Windows open and other apps running.
Modem is visible from the “my computer” device manager, but if I try to dial,
“no modem installed” error occurs (I have uninstalled and reinstalled the
modem). If I try to configure the dialer, no modem selection appears in the
selection combo box. If I try to access the modem in the control panel, I
get no response: rundll32.exe tries to load, but shows as “not responding” in
the task manager.

I tried to restore rundll32 using sfc, but the same error occurs.



Dick Minter

PS I appoligioze for the cross post, but I received no response to an
earlier post under "modems."
See my articles on Clean Boot and Security for suggestions that will

"Clean Boot--What it is and why you need it."


After cleaning up your system (you'll need to download apps on a
different system and burn them to CD in order to get them onto the
problem system), restart in Safe Mode, go into Device Manager, uninstall
modem and modem-related items ("Enumerator", "Wave Device for Modem",
etc.) and all COM ports. Restart to have Windows reinstall ports,
reinstall modem manually if necessary.

If modem now responds to tests in the Modem applet, but Dial-Up still
doesn't work, post back for further instructions.